Virtual Gate Guard

For apartment and gated communities, Virtual Guard Service provides Virtual Gate Guard to enhance security awareness and reduce cut-through traffic or trespassing. The Virtual Gate Guard utilizes audio and video technology to give you the ultimate access control for your community while decreasing your guard costs.

On-site guards can have difficulty remembering each and every visitor who passes through your gates on a daily basis. Our Virtual Gate Guard communicates with your residents or visitors through two-way audio or one-way video capabilities at the entrance of your property. Visitors are logged using the audio and video technology before they are allowed or denied entrance. The Virtual Guard will only allow authorized residents and visitors access onto the property.

Our state-of-the-art video technology records and stores visitors' faces, license plates and vehicles and can be recalled for analysis at any time. Now, you can always have record of who is on your property!

For more information on our Virtual Gate Guard service for apartments and gated communities, contact us at 800-984-8093!