Industry Solutions

When it comes to security and surveillance, Virtual Guard Service can assist virtually any business, no matter the type or the size.  We will customize solutions based on the needs of your business. 

Retail businesses often need assistance protecting their staff and inventory.  Our technology and monitoring services are always on, even when a physical on-site guard is on break.  Our systems can protect your inventory and staff and deter theft.  Retailers who have benefitted from a Virtual Guard Service system including automotive dealerships, convenience stores, health clubs and shopping centers.

Restricted access and criminal activity are two things that are always considered in residential areas.  Residents and visitors at apartments and condominiums, gated communities, subdivisions and boat slips and docks should be monitored and know they are safe.  We have a variety of access control systems, video monitoring systems and virtual attendant services that will allow you to give your residents and visitors a high level of protection at all times.

In many commercial settings, such as office buildings, hospitals and care facilities, hotels and museums and galleries, unauthorized access can be a problem.  Our access control systems can ensure that only authorized personnel can gain access to your facility.  Interactive video monitoring can also allow our monitoring team to watch for suspicious activity or any forced entrance into restricted areas.

Industrial facilities oftentimes need proactive approaches for theft prevention and access control. Construction sites, laboratories, warehouses and utility substations can be fitted with customized surveillance systems that are linked to our live monitoring facility, ensuring quick action if suspicious activity is detected.