All of the solutions provided by Virtual Guard Service utilize advanced technology to allow our trained personnel to live monitor your property and provide immediate response to any suspicious activity.

Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Cameras and Fixed Cameras
Virtual Guard Service has the right camera for all situations.  Our PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras offer a vast range of viewing options and can be fitted with multiple specifications, such as thermal imaging and vision capabilities.  Our fixed lens cameras can allow for intelligent video analytics with an unwavering high-resolution view day or night.

Imaging Technology
Specific imaging technology, such as infrared and thermal imaging and image intensification (night vision), can be paired with our PTZ cameras to enhance your security and surveillance system.

IP Connectivity for Video Surveillance
In addition to traditional Ethernet and fiber-optic hardwire connections, we also offer other connectivity options, such as Wi-Fi, microwave and cellular.

Video Analytics for Fixed Cameras
Our software uses computer algorithms to monitor real-time video for specific information, such as people count, abandoned objects and abnormal movement.  Even in these complex areas, our analytics provide a high detection rate and low false alarm rate.

Access Control Systems
Virtual Guard Service offers a variety of access control systems and devices that can be customized specifically for the needs of your company and staff.

Video and Audio Communications
Our two-way audio systems can assist in access control and facility security. Audio is delivered over high-speed Internet for quality and clarity. One-way video can be used for identity verification, and panic button systems are available for threat situations.

Autonomous Surveillance Systems
Our surveillance pods are deployable in a short period of time for instant coverage using fast, secure wireless data transmission.  Our pods can also be outfitted with solar power/battery back-up or generator power, if necessary.  These portable systems can easily be transferred to different locations and fit on most cargo trailers.

Specialty Surveillance Systems
Our specialty surveillance systems are rugged and can be customized to be bulletproof, vandal-proof and even explosion-resistant.  Stealth cameras are available for inconspicuous surveillance, and license-plate capture systems can ensure vandals never have an easy getaway.

Specialty Monitoring Systems
In addition to security, Virtual Guard Service also offers various types of specialty monitoring systems to meet all of your company’s needs, including environmental monitoring, sound and power usage.